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Carnaval In Goa, O'luv

Carnaval In Goa, O'luv

Carnaval In Goa, O'luv Here we witness homegrown and traditional aspect of Carnival in the villages and towns, away from Cities wanton commercialization. its here in villages where people celebrate with fun and gaiety, music and plays, and dances credit to O'luv Goa ,his dedication to the legendary Chris Perry lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs



aiz dis vortat Koxesocho

today is the day of happiness

urben uddon nachpacho

to dance with zest

Kiss gevun zatai Khonna konnacho

and to kiss whoever

Kiteak dis voratat carnavalacho

\because this day is of Carnival

vorsakh ek pauti carnival eaita

the carnival comes one in a year

soggle Goenkar koshi zata

all Goans feel happy

ganva gavani musikan vazoita

from village to village they play their music

sogglo lok carnaval gazoita

all people celebrate Carnival


konnui konnachem chedvak gotte dortai

and somebody holds a girl tight

konnui konacher powder martai

or some try to powder each other

nachon rosteacher kantara kortai

and sing while dancing on the streets

carnaval mojhean sartai

celebrate carnival with fun




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