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Calangute, Lorna's beach song

Calangute  the beach song

Calangute, Lorna's beach song that every Goan has listened to growing up in Goa. It lingers in depths of of our soul, Globetrotters bring it to life again, Lorna's Classic and composed by the legendary : Chris Perry. Vocals: Ingrid De Noronha credit : Globetrotters

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Khuxealponn diunk, jivak purem,

to bask in leisure, in our lives

Mudans korunk zai, zalear borem,

a vacation must have, it is always good

Maiyachea mhoineant, lokachem bhirem,

the month of May, a crowd of people

Kongottche prayer, thonddgar varem.

on a Calangute beach, caress of refreshing breezes


Lok thoimsor anson, khellon udtta,

the people there, playful alight

Sukhnim doriachea lharar bhuddta,

the birds dive in to the sea waves

Kharvi sokallchi ramponn voddta,

the fishermen in the morning lurch at nets.

Bhurgim matiechim ghoram ghoddta.

little kids build houses of sand

Kitlem sobit tum, Goa amchem,

how beautiful is, Our Goa

Noketr vortouta, touristamchem

the star that beckons the tourists

Satisfasanv tum, Goemkaramchem

you are our contentment, of Goans

Sonvsarak famad nanv kongottchem

resounds in the world the famed name of Calangute



Bhailea ganvcho lok, pollunk yeta,

Polloun Calangute, khoxi zata,

Vhoddlo abru man, tuka dita,

Khuxealborit zaun, ghara veta.



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