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Bebdo (The drunkard)

Bebdo  (The drunkard)

Bebdo (The drunkard) A quintessential song that reverberates across our world, fun and carefree. But not to be taken seriously, youth for most part have moved away from such vice and more pre-occupied with their work or studies for a better future foe their household. Credit: Cast/Vocalist: Agnes Fernandes/ K7 Band Goa ph: 8668497694

Lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Noxib mojem koslem, kednach chintunk naslem,

what kind of fate was mine, I never thought would happen

Konnak di naka gha saiba, maka boglam toslem,

DO not give this fate to anyone else

Ghov maka meula bebdo saiba, kazar zaun foslem,

I have husband who is drunkard, was cheated in marriage

Magir tho kitem mhunnta zannam....... Hmmmmmmm

And do you know, what he says ........................Hmmmmmmm


Yeo baile yeo, Soro maka zai poilo .............}

Come my wife, come, but i need the booze first

Soro maka dinam zalear tuzo foddtolom toklo...}...2

If you do not give me booze, I will smash your head

Bebdo zalo koslo, poilo boro aslo,

He did he turn drunkard, he was fine at first

Koslo mhunnon denvchar saiba, yeun tachear boslo

who can say, the devil has dwelled on his head

Soro pion ek dis mozo, khoddo passun taslo,

In drunkan state, one day he shaved my head

Magir tanem kitem mhunntlem zannam, hmmmmm

And then what he says, you know.... hmmmmm


Chintlear sonsunk nezo, fuddar kitem mozo,

I cannot suffer to think, what is my future

Chintun mojea ghorkarachem, piddear zalo bezo

worrying about it, turned me insane

Soreak lagon bebdeani re, ghorak lailo uzo.

because of booze, he set fire to the home

Magir te kitem mhunntat zanaim, ...hmmmmm

And then what he says, you know.... hmmmmm



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