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Ballok Jezu

Ballok Jez sorg soddun

Baby Jesus left His Heavenly abode

Amchea moddan aieloto

To live amongst us

Amche sarko munis zallo

And he became just like us

Sonvsar sogllo sontoslo

To experience our lives

Marien aikolo Devacho Ullo

Mary listened to Gods voice

Ugtaam zalem dar Deva Bapachem

The Heavenly Father opened His doors

Ballok Jezu ieta amchem sovem

Baby Jesus comes in our midst

Divunk amkam Jivit Novem

To give us new life

Mariecbe vengen aslo tho babulo

In Mary's arms was this baby boy

Raza tho sorgar sonvasarcho

The Lord of heaven and earth

Gorvachea gottema tho zolmollo

Born in a manger among the cattle

Soddvon amka divunl ailo

To free us and give us life eternal

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