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In times like these when the world grimaces with nightmares that's been, that claimed million innocent

lives and still ravages through the cities,

its tentacles in every continent now.

Humanity clings to the solace of hope and

fresh buds of spring that sprout.

Although winds of change seem to recede and free Man wobbles and stumbles. Here comes the promise of Christmas, Our Lord in our midst, that we are not alone anymore, He will be with us till the end of times. His presence that causes the Evil Spiritual Dominions to tremble and crumble..

Babulea doll re babulea, babulea doll re

Swing gently my baby boy, swing gently

You belong to the lineage of Judah and David

Conceived by the Holy Spirit

You are the fruit of my womb

Humankind is waiting for you.

You are truly the Lord, the King of Kings

and Yet all you have is a bed of straw

Son of God Redeemer of Humanity.

Who is privileged to swing your cradle?

You are my treasure, my joy and my contentment

my firstborn a piece of my heart

You are my precious jewel none can compare

Sleep sleep my child by nd by

While I sing to you this lullaby


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