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Aileanv Maie (We've come to you, Mother)

Ailanv Maie

Aileanv Maie ( We've have come to you, Mother) a lilting

hymn to our Blessed Mother for her assistance.

Vocalist: Rohitha Saldhana

Credit: The Composers Band

hymn lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.



Aileanv Maie, magonk mozot tuji,.............2

We have come, to seek your aid

ubar tor nodor amcher kakutichi.

lift your merciful gaze on us

Doiall Maie, aik zap somestanchi,

compassionate Mother, hear the voices of mankind

beporva korinaka amcheam magnneanchi.........2

Do not neglect our prayers

Medal Milagros, Turo fullancho

Miraculous Medal, the bouquets of flowers

Dakoi Maie amkam marog sorgincho

So us Mother the path to heaven

Di amkam vanto, Di amkam vanto

Give us the share, give us the share

Di amkam vanto, Tuje kurpecho

give us the share of your graces



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