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Abghat kelo (The betrayal)

Abghat kelo

Abghat Kelo (the betrayal) A sad morbid song, of ending one's life when love goes bad but still calling for the love one even from the grave. Does a cheat deserves One's Life? Nope.

An energetic performance Vocalist: Genevieve De Souza

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Sonvsarantle dis kaddlet roddon,

days in this world I spent crying

Bhurgeachponnar sukh gelem uddon

Childhood happiness has elapsed me

Kitem anvem kelem re mogan poddon

what have I done falling in love

Chintunk naslelem ailem ghodon

what I did not anticipate has happened

Jiv anvem dilo doriant buddon

I have given up my life by drowning in the sea

Kitem anvem kelem re mogan poddon.

What have I done falling in love

Kednach chintunk naslem, maka goddot mhunn oslem,

I have imagined this will happen to me

Fottkirea mog tuzo korun anvem sasnak anv foslem,

Your cheating love, I had fallen, was fooled eternally

Kalliz tujem koslem, mojem sukh tumven laslem,

what kind of heart you have, you burnt my happiness

Dusreak korinkai fottkirponn tumvem maka kelaim toslem.

Do not cheat others like you've done for me

Mhunnoi maka tum mojea sukha,

You would confide that i am your happiness

Tujea bogor konn dusrem naka,

without you I want no one else

Kazar tum zaloi re sandun maka,

you married another, leaving me

Ugdass mozo tum visro naka,

my memory do not forget

Visorlim mhunn anv sozmonaka,

I have forgotten do not imagine

Azun anv rautam re fondant tuka,

even now I waiting for you in my grave

Mog kelo re zaddani, ami boson maddani

we made love among the trees, leaning on the coconut trees

Mogacheo chitteo daddleo re maka borun carddani

you sent me letters filling up the cards

Sanglem maka paddani, tuka nadlo mhunn nadani

Azun pasun mog tuzo assa re boron addani

even now I have love for you filling up my bones

Fondan ravon ho martam ulo,

from my grave, I call out to you

Koso zait tum ingrat zalo,

How you became ungrateful

Kallzak mojea toploi re dukacho balo,

you pierced my heart with painful arrow

Kiteak mhunon ho abgat kelo,

why did you betray me

Kazar zata mhunn borvanso dilo,

you gave me assurance you will marry me

Sontos mojea kallzacho re dusrean velo,

my hearts happiness someone else took away

Utor tumven modlem ani dusreachem ghor ghodlem

You broke your vow and built your home with another

Kazar zaloi tum mhunn aikon dukani anv rodlem

that you have married hearing new, I had wept tears

Soglem anvem sodlem, mathui chintunk na fudlem

I left everything behind, di not think of future

Mogak tujea lagon anvem fondant eumchem podlem.

because of your love I had to be in the grave.


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