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easter musings

Easter musings, from George Weigel - Senior Fellow of Ethics and Public Policy and his profound resonance and depth in the last two paras.. Our Lord is indeed risen!!! What could have been the most logical scenario among the disciples? if, Our Lord had not risen, yes, their teacher did wonderful deeds- healed the sick, raised the dead but in the end, He was subject to an humiliating and unsavory death, not homicide, illness but capital punishment from the Roman Empire/State. what chance then they had in the world to preach his teachings? and the likelihood of anyone believing in their teacher. --NONE at all. Zero, yet this miracle of faith took the world by storm. cause something profound happened that day in Jerusalem, they saw the Risen Lord in flesh, just like He had foretold, His victory over physical death. He was already in paradise when He breathed His last, it was obvious, when He promised the thief, who had sympathized with Him "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.".or else the consequence of God dying in soul/ energy would have been catastrophic for the universe-all the physical laws frozen, suspended for three days.. It was His bodily death alone, we contend with in the Gospels and its unison with the soul again on the third day and resurrection thereof, and His sojourn on earth for forty days to reinforce His resurrection among the skeptical followers, the same resurrection reserved for the believers, on Lord's triumphant return. Pax Christi, Happy Easter!! Here is George Weigel:: "Within two and a half centuries, what began as a ragtag gang of nobodies from the civilizational outback had so transformed the Mediterranean world that the most powerful man in that world, the Roman emperor Constantine, joined the winning side. How did that happen? It didn't happen because of better myth-making. It happened because those first Christians met a young rabbi who promised that, should they believe in him, each of them would become " a spring of water welling up to eternal life" [John 4.14]. Then came what seemed complete catastrophe: his crucifixion. But they met that teacher again as the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, and were infused by his Spirit. And after that, they didn't sit around in the "presence of the question mark; rather, they told the truth of what they had "seen and heard" [cf. 1 John 1.1]. And thereby changed the world. the link

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