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Zallim Ektaim ( We became One)

Zallim Ektaim

Zallim Ektaim, A soft and gentle original konkani love song dedicated to his wife and to all who love their partners dearly, with a scenic backdrop.

Cast: Macwill Menezes, Rochelle Vaz

singer: Fraiz R.

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


Poilech nodreak tuzo mog kela

I fell in love with you at first sight

Aiz pasun jivo tho dovorla

I have kept it alive till today

Veglich amchea mogachi kanni

different is our love story

Netoili bangara utranim

decorated with words of gold

Visvas tuzo sodanch rakhtolom

I will always keep my trust on you

Soglem sukh tuka ditolom

I'll give you all the peace

Voir molbailim noketram pasun

the stars from high heaven

Hadun tujea paimyashim dortolom

i will gather and lay it besides your feet


Ontrolar taun tum udon ailem

you flew down from heaven

Kalzan hea mhojea tuven birad kelem

and in my heart you made your home

Mhojem dan mon tukach betoilem

my mind and thoughts I have dedicated to you

Nanv tujem mhojea kalzar kantoilem

your name i have inscribed on my heart

Sasnachea sasnank ravonk tuje taim

to remain with you for eternity

Povitr satvea sancramentan ami Zallim Ektaim

We became one in holy sacrament of matrimony

Puri zali mogachi kanni

Our love story was ended

Tunch mhojea fudarachi raani

you will be my future queen

Vakhantam aiz utke ponnim

Jivit borlam mun tuven fulamnim

You have filled my life with flowers

Morosor go hanv tuzoch sukka

till I die I will be yours my heaven

Tuje xivai kon naka maka without you I want no one else

Tujeaxh bitor jivitbor tikann

Padrin kallzam bandlim estolant

the priest tied our marriage Knot


Sukachim lharam marlim jivitant

waves of happiness caress my life

Novem pavl marlem jezuchea navan

New steps ahead in Lord Jesus name

Soirim ixtt mitr ravon ekvotan

the neighbors and friends were untied

Girest kelim amkam besanv

to enrich us with their blessings



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