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Uzvadd Paloi Naka, Pro -Life song

Uzvadd  Paloi Naka

Uzvadd Paloi Naka, (Do not put out the light) Stop Abortions, Life is precious, even of our unborn awaiting to experience Life, just like we did. Do not kill our yet unborn.A real tear jerker.

Singer & Composer Elvis Mascarenhas

Cast : Elvis , Annette Gracias, and the kid Jonan Shane Fernandes, vid will load in few secs


Chukh tujhe lagim godli maim,

mogan ashtana

You made a mistake, Mama, while you were in Love

Kushvien tujhea zolmolo, ankwar asthana

I was born in your womb when you were unmarried

Atta maruk sodtai maka gunneao nastana

Now you are planning to kill me, for no fault of mine.

Kushvea ravon ulhas soddtana, kiteak aikona

From your womb I send my sad sighs, why do you not listen?

Mai maka mari naka Mai, Maim hathe zoddunk magtam,… zolomoche adinchmaka


Mama do not kill me, Mama do not kill me, I am begging of you, before birth do not tear me apart

I want to live I want to live, please I want to live, please let me live

I want to live .......

Anik thodea muinhanee hanv zolman eu paucho

For a few months more, I will be born in this world

Rup tujhea pollunk Maim khushal zaupacho

To see you sight, I will smile for the first time……..


hatat tujhea dorun ghe hanv chollunk sinkpachu

Holding your hands, I will learn to walk

Hanv Oddlo javon tujho aadhar zaupacho Jivitan maim, hanve tujho uzvadd ,motoran

When I grow up, I will be your help, in your life I'll be your light, in my car

hanv tuka sogllea baupacho

I will drive you everywhere

Tunche mhuje maim tuje puzzea korpaucho

You are my mama , I will serve you

Ani thodea vorhan ni zivit mojea soptalo

Within few hours, my life will be over

kudke korun kusvean tujea dotor sande baire kadtholo

the Doctor will cut me to pieces to remove my parts from your womb

Chuk tujea vigle, uzvad tujo soptoalo

Your mistake will be chiseled, you light extinguished

Innocent morea mhujea sang maim konne rodtlo

My innocents death tell me, Mama who will cry?


Devan bhogse, Konneak vait Magonna

May God forgive I do not pray ill for anyone.


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