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Underneath it All-- --

Underneath it All

Underneath it All- A lilting song by American band

No Doubts, featuring Lady Saw and a delightful cover in songs mélange by Double R band at Oktoberfest. credit : Double R band

Lyrics snippets to sing along


There's times where I want something more

Someone more like me

There's times when this dress rehearsal

Seems incomplete

But, you see the colors in me like no one else

And behind your dark glasses you're

You're something else


You're really lovely

Underneath it all

You want to love me

Underneath it all

I'm really lucky

Underneath it all

You're really lovely

You know some real bad tricks

And you need some discipline

But, lately you've been trying real hard

And giving me your best

And, you give me the most gorgeous sleep

That I've ever had

And when it's really bad

I guess it's not that bad


So many moons that we have seen

Stumbling back next to me

I've seen right through and underneath

And you make me better

I've seen right through and underneath

And you make me better

Better better


You are my real Prince Charmin'

Like the heat from the fire

You were always burnin'

And each time you're around

My body keeps callin

For your touch

Your kisses and your sweet romancin'

There's an underside to you

that this here woman that adore

Aside from your temper

Everything is secure

You're good for me, baby

of that, I'm sure

Over and over again

I want more


You've used up all your coupons

And all you've got left is me

And somehow I'm full of forgiveness

I guess it's meant to be



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