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Tuzo Mog (your love)

Tuzo Mog

Tuzo Mog, one of our unforgettable classic, true lovers can confess without love for each others they cease to exist, from the pen of our legendary composer : Chris Perry original singer : Lorna Cordeiro

A melodious cover, with her soft and lilting voice Credit: Dealle DSouza


Tuzo mog ( your love ) Ravom yeta mojean jeu nastonam, I can live without eating food Sarum yeta rath nido nastonam, Ican spend sleepless night Punn ravonk zainam mojean tuka, poi nastonam but i cannot live without gazing at you Ugddas yeta ut'tam bostonam. i think of you while awake Kalliz khoxen boro tum astonam, my heart fills with joy when you're around. Kainch ek naka maka tum nastonam, i do not need anything without you Maatui mojean ravonk zainam, i can never live without Tho mog, tuzo mog voi tho mog tuzo mog kori nastonam . that love, your love yes that love, your love, without loving you Apoi maka anv rokdinch yetelim, call me and i will come quickly Sang re maka tujexinch rautelim tell me and I'll remain with you Mag re hem kalliz fokot tukach, ditelim pray i will give my heart to you Visorxii anv chodd dukest zatelim if you forget me I will be very sad.

Ravom yeta konnank poi nastonam,

I can live without looking at anyone Dolle bond korun-ugdi nastonam

with eyes closed without ever opening Maatui mojean ravonk zainam,

But I can never live without Tho mog, tuzo mog, voi tho mog, tuzo mog kori nastonam.

that love, your love yes that love, your love


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