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Tunch Ranni Kalzachi (queen of my heart)

Tunch Ranni Kalzachi

Another fast paced rhythmic song and duet, for the new generation that have transformed Goan music and taken us to new heights credit to Hansel Vaz and Brandon Rato

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Poilech nodren maka mog zalo

it was love at first sight

voi podla tujea mogan

yes, fallen in love with you

devak sodach argam dita

I thank God always for that

tu ek anj mojea jivitan

you are lika an angel in my life

tunch rigla hea kalzaan

its only you that ingrained in my heart

rat dis ieta tu sopnam davon

day and night you come into my dreams

ye gott dor maka tujea gopann

yes, come and hold me tight in your embrace


Tu ranni mojea jivitachi

you are the queen of my life

Choluya dogai vatt

let us walk the path of love

mogachi kednach tutonk duvchona

i will not allow it to be broken

dori ancgea ekvotachi

the knot of our bond

mudi galtolo uttrachi

i will put the ring of words

sun kortolo amchea garachi

I will make you daughter of our house

baby I love you


Tunch ranni Kalzachi

you are the queen of my heart

tondar mojea haso sutta

my face lights up with a smile

Poitoch mukhamol tuje

when i galnce at your face

tea dissachi vat

I am waiting for the day

hanv poddeta kedan

tu zatelem mojem

when you will be mine

Tu suk hea kalzache

you are the hearts contentment

dadospon mojem

my satisfaction

Tu noketr mojea jivitan

you are the star of my life





Mogan Podon chintanni

fallen in love with thoughts

Guspola bezo korech moga

entangled my mind , its true my love

tujea vienn raonk mojean nezoo

without you I cannot live

kalzan mojea petla mogacho uzoo

in my heart the fire is lit

thos uzo palounk divchena

I will not let the fire to be extinguished

Fokot tunch raza Mozoo.........................

Only you are my King



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