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The varied Goan Christmas Sweets, delicacies

Rare glimpses of vast array of Goan Christmas Sweets and delicacies to brighten and cheer even, the souls in despair, pain and misery in Joyous season of Christmas. If through the stomach

is the key, why not? We have jotted down the various delicacies as it glides through the Vid. Most of the names, we are familiar with growing up us kids in Goa.

Credit to: Celebration In My Kitchen.

The list :

1.Doce De Grao.

2. Short bread cookies.

3. Almond cookies.

4. Milk Toffees

5. Jujubes.

6. Plum Cake

7. Fruit cake

8. Date & Walnut cake

9. Bolinhos de Cocos

10. Milk cream, 11. tutti fruitti cake 12. Dodol. 13. Perada. 14. Nankhatai 15. Bolo Derulao 16.Rum Balls 17. Marzipaneggs 18. Carrot cake. 19. Christmas date rolls, 20. Walnuts drops. 21. Rose de Coco. 22. Whit chocolate fudge 23. Coconut macaroons 24. Guliyo. 25. Kulkuls 26.Angel wings. 27.Gingersnaps 28. Date & Walnut logs 29. Cashew Macaroons. 30. Buche De Noel.

Ehis list will give you the inklings of various names of Christmas sweets


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