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Thav Mogacho (endless Love )

Thav  Mogacho

Thav Mogacho sung by Annsherly Corte , Credit to her,we hope to hear more from her.

this is beautiful song dedicated to those in unrequited love, of waiting and hoping.

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs


tujoch mog zalla maka

I fallen in love with you

tujea vinnem anik kainch naka\

without you, I want nothing else

axeun assa sodanch tuka

I always crave for you

fudarechea mhojea sukha

my future happiness

Refrain /chorus

mogan tujea poddlem

Fallen in love with you

axeun assa tuka tujea vinnem

Craving for you, without you

konnuch Dusro naka

I want no-one else

Gobrudsta kalliz tuka rauta

Heart waits patiently for you

kedan kai polluenk assata

waits eagerly to see you

Mogache utor tuka ditta

I give you my word of Love


kalliz mhojem tukache betoitem

My heart I offer for you

eaitai mhojea sopanant

You come into my dreams

kalliz mhojem ullashaai

my heart sighs for you

ontacher sot tujea nanv kellta

on my lips murmur your name


Rupe taen tujem poitoch moga

to see your sight my love

dadosta jive, dista kainch naka

satisfies my life, want nothing else

jivit bhor hanv rautelim tuka

Life I will spend waiting for you

fudarache ranni kor maka

make me your future queen

soddanch visvaxi rao, rautelim hanv

Always remain faithful, wait for you

tujeach mogak axetam dukh diun naka

waiting for your love, do not give me pain



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