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Tambde Rosa (red rosy Cheeks)

Tambde Rosa

Another Classic, a popular Mando to delight your heart,

vocals Royston Fernandes & Thereza Pereira Cast: Aaron Fernandes & Thereza Pereira

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs. ver 2.0


Tambde Rosa tuze Polle

Your cheeks are like red roses

Dukhanim bhorleai muje dolle...

I am overcome with tears

Papachem Licens assa zalear polle

Please see if you got the(license)

permission from your father

Kazar zaunchek moje kodde...x}2

To get married to me .

Istimosanv Rozachem,

my esteemed roza

Roza mojea mogachem

Roza my beloved

Kazar zaunk lisens na go Papachem ......

to get narried , we do not have the permission (license) from your father

Papachem licens assa re maka

I have my fathers permission(license0

Kazar zaumcheak rautam tuka.

I am waiting to gt married to you

Tum tor kazar zainam zalear moga,

If you do not get married with me , my love

Moji bhirmott futt'teli tuka...

My curse will come on you

Istimosanv Rozachem, Roza mojea mogachem

Kazar zaunk lisens nam go Papachem


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