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Surya Devon Guelo (the sun has set)

Love usually binds a couple that leads to the familiar pathways of the first look, the smile, friendship and a date and then to the altar, vows and family, children but sometimes, it leads astray. the pain, the betrayal, of waiting and hoping, prayers just the traces of love and no more

for some, its the end, there is no hope for living. No, it mustn't be so.. There is always a surprise around the corner, if fate has so willed.

Our poignant love song which captures the hopelessness, despair, the gloom and desolation.

the will to live dissipates, when love goes awry. Credit to Roque Lazarus & Joselyn - Myles High Café studio

Surya dehvon guello,

the sun has set

ani chondrim re udelo

the moon has risen through the clouds

2)Amorecho vellu komesar zallo

the evening prayers or Angelus has began

Moga khuim re tum pavollo…

My love where are you?

Sodanch amguer tum yetaloi

you always used to come to my place

Mojhea gopant teun bostalo

you used to be in my embrace

2)Atam kiteak ingratu tum zaloi

why have become ungrateful now?

Kunnchea dusmanak tum sampoddlo..

which enemy have you encountered? (trapped you")

Adeus, adeus moga

goodbye my love , goodbye

esteveir kortam tuka

I am bidding you goodbye

Dolle mhoje damptoch re moga...

I am closing my eyes

Fattlean dukham golloinaka.

do not cry for me then

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