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Sorginchem Dennem tum ( Heaven's Gift)

Sorginchem Dennem tum

Sorginchem Dennem Tum ( You are Heaven's Gift) A true story of a barren couple who never gave up on faith and prayed continuously. And finally were rewarded with baby boy and joy unsurpassed and light to the household. Goa's star Vocalist: Mark Revlon Cast: Daksha Shirodkar & Yash Karpe

Credit: Fr Dominic Carvalho.

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs



venguen mhoje kelle re balla

In my arms play my baby boy

Deva bapan tum amca dilla

Our Heavenly Father has given you to us

anvdo kalzzacho amcho poro kella

Our hearts desires have been fulfilled

porzollit uzvadd ghorant amchea fanklla

A bright light has suffused our Home

v...... sogot bottan dhakoitallim

All people would show their contempt

opmannche utran aikon ek dis hanv rodtallim

hearing insulting words, I would cry

Santis sakrament mukar ravun magtallim

I would pray before the Holy Sacrament

dukh sogllem Saibinn maink sangtallim

All my sorrows I would confide with Blessed Mother

bhavis vorsam ne aiz zalou re tum

After twenty years you were born to us

Mann amca ghevun ailo re tum

you brought along the respect

niirasi pois khorun re tum melloi re tum

our despair you have swept away, when you reached us

Sorginche denne re tum

you're heaven's gift for us


khandar mhojea nid re balla

Deva Bapa tum amca dilla

anvdo kalzzacho amcho poro kella

porzollit uzvadd ghorant amchea fanklla

Devanche zainne toslem ek kainche nah

For God there is nothing impossible

Bhavrte dhor Jezu cher dusro upai nah

Have Faith in Jesus, there is no other course

magtoch khottean dillear bhogor ravcho nah

if you pray fervently, He will always grant you

Devache podver ximer nah

God's Power there is no limit

Devache podver ximer nah


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