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Sorg Tujea Dolleanim - Alcatrazz band

Sorg Tujea Dolleanim

Sorg Tujea Dolleanim ( heaven in your eyes) A engrossing love ballad in konkani originally sung By Goa's Nightingale, Lorna Cordeiro composer: legendary Chris Perry. Cover: Alcatrazz Goan Band

credit: Broadway Events & Production

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


La la la la r al la la, la la la r al la la, la la la la la la la..

Surya ekuch don kaim

there is only one sun


there is no other

Tossoch tujea xivai dusro maka nam,

similarly, there is no one else besides you

Doryak sukhti bhorti yeumchi chukonam,

In the sea the high and low tide never ceases

Tuka poilear kherit kainch ruchonam

Gazing at you there is no other desires

Infernantlean sorg disonam,

from hell, you cannot see heaven

Tujea bogor maka dusro zoukonam,

without you there can be no other

Kallzan ghor bandlam konnak suat nam,

I have built my house in my heart, there is no place for other

Focot tukach ani sangchi goroz nam

For you alone, and you know it.

Mog tujea sobdani, tosoch sorg tujea dolleanim

You words are love, and heaven in your eyes

Morchinam eksurim, tumvuim zavo moje borim.

will not die alone, need you with me

Sukon gelear udok doryachem,

if the waters of Ocean turns dry

Moddon podlear voilem ordh mollbachem,

If sky falls down from heaven

Ugoddlear dhar patalachem,

I have open my hearts door

Doxim zaumchem nhuim chitkon rauchem.

We' never part but be together

Rup tujem anjeachem, kallzar kantoilam nanv tujem

You visage of an angel, my heart is pierced with your name

Dennem tum sorgimchem, amrut jivitachem.

you're gift from heaven, the essence of live

Sontosachem sukh sodanch nanvchem.

We'll always bathe in happiness

Vaitt boreak eka mekak pauchem

pain and joys we'll reach for each other

Eke boxent ami sodanch jeuchem

we'll live always remains as One

Ghodd koddu jivit sukhan sarchem

sweet and sour life We'll live in peace.

La la la ral la la, la la la ral la la, la la la la la, la la la ral la..

Sorg Tujea Dolleanim


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