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Sopon (Dream) Lorna


Sopon(dream) a girl dreaming of her wedding day, A Classic song from Lorna Cordeiro, the nightingale composer: Chis Perry.Credit :mcole84

lyrics with English translation for Global audience,vid will load in few secs.


Kednam tho dis eiatolo,

when will the day dawn

Igorjechea darar meutollo,

when we'll meet near the door of the Church (nuptials)

Padri estolan amche hath bandtolo,

the Priest will tie the wedding knot

Ekvott amcho zatollo,

And we'll be One

Resperachem nestelim,

I will dress for the nuptials

Tujea kuxik dimbier astelim,

and by your side I will kneel

Noxibantlem sukh ani dukh sonstelim,

the joys and sorrows of life, I will suffer

Mogan hanv tujea lastelim.

I will be inflamed in love with you

Kitlo khoxecho dis,

How heavenly the day

Padri sangtollo mis,

the Priest will say the Mass

Khoxen bhortelim ditoch tho kiss…

I will feel happy when you given me the kiss


Chintun sogllench sukh bhogtam,

thoughts of it make me happy

Dis tho veginch yeunk ontrektam,

I ache for the day to arrive soon

Kantar korun hem saiba tukach sangtam,

Singing the is son I express my sentiments

Sopon khorem zaunk anv magtam

I pray my dreams may come true


Sopon khorem zaunk anv magtam

Sopon khorem zaunk anv magtam

Sopon khorem zaunk anv magtam..


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