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Somia Tujexim Yetam (Lord, I'm coming to you)

Somia Tujexim Yetam

A devout Konkani hymn of feeling lost and hopeless without Our Lord, and yearning His Love

And to the Samaritan woman by the well John 4:14 Our Lord said to her "..but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

lyrics with translation credit to: Swizel Meva Da Costa


Mhonne mhojem guspalem

My mind is confused

Kitem korchem sozmonah

I don't know what to do

Tuje sorshim pois gellam

I drifted far from you

Khallzant mhujea shanti nah

My heart has no peace


Somia tujexim yetam, kurpem maka dor

My Lord I am coming to you, keep in your grace

Somia tujexim yetam, gopant maka dhor

My lord I'm coming to you, Hold me in your embrace

Somia tujexim yetam, kakut mhoje kor

My Lord I'm coming to you, have mercy on me

Somia tujexim yetam, mhuje galli naka visor

My Lord I am coming to you, do not forget me

Tujo moga visorlam

Your love I forgot

Tujech vinem raunk zaina

I cannot leave without you

Tuka havem dukoila

I have hurt you

Kuen vecham teim koddona

Where to go, I do not know


Patkan poddun hanv sandlem

I've fallen into sin, and was lost

Kori khusall kai mohnnan nah

True happiness I know not

Tujurech saiba hanv chuklem

Tuka kednach soddnachem

I will never leave you Lord


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