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Somia kallzant mhojea ailai

Somia kallzant mhojea ailai

This is post Communion Konkani hymn,

in the silence of your beating heart, you contemplate His divine presence within you. and sing your gratitude.

credit to: Omar Loiola Pereira and Aradhon Choir

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Somia kallzant mhojea ailai

My Lord has come in my heart

Khoro sontos mhaka dilai

true peace he has given me

Soglloch mhaka tuzoch kelai

All of me, He has made his

Mogan tujea mhaka bhorlai

Suffused with love for you.

Dekhun argham Jezu mogalla

And for this thanks my Loving Jesus

Kallzant sodanch rav tum mhojea

Always remain in my heart

Gaita kalliz mhojem Somia

Sings my heart my Lord

Umalleanim sontossachea

Bathed in peace

Kirkoll rochnner Tuvem ghalil

For the sake of humble creation

Dixtt tuji maie mogachi

You gazed on your loving Mother


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