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Sobit Mog (beautiful love)

Sobit Mog

Sobit Mog ( beautiful love) a refreshing Konkani love song imbued with love and a promise of intimacy and togetherness.Cast: Savio Leitao & Juwella Fernandes

Credit/ Vocalist: Savio Leitao Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


sobit paulani chollon eiao mhujea jivitant

with graceful footsteps come into my life

khalliz mhojem ashelam gevun tuka gopant

My heart craves to hold you in my embrace

tujea vinne anik mhaka kainch naka moga

without you I want nothing else my love

tunch mhojem khalzzantlem jivachean sangtam tuka

you are my heart's desire, I confess to you in my life


sobit mog mhaka tuzo zalla

beautiful love I feel for you

sobit mog soput tuka dilla

with beautiful love I have given you my vows

sobit mog khalzzant rigun dovorlam........3

beautiful love has nestled in my heart

sobit mog amcho noxibant amkha meula

beautiful love we have experienced in our fate

sobit mog amcho ditta mhaka khusalkia

beautiful love gives me happiness

tunch mhuje sobitai

you're my beauty

kortolam tuje apurbhai

will love you

soddanch.. tum zai

always need you

sangat tuzo dhi bhorvonso

your intimacy gives me faith

tunch mhojem sukh

you're my bliss

Ailear sontos puro kotololem

divechona tuka dukh

I will not cause you pain


sobit mog khalzaant dovorlam

sobit mog ditta maka


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