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Sasnak Tu Mhojem

Sasnak Tu Mhojem

Sasnak Tu Mhojem ( you're mine forever) A lively Konkani love song with Afro beat draped in scenic surrounding and a handsome couple. Cast: Danika Braganca Benisco Fernandes

vocalist: Benisco Fernandes

lyrics snippets with English translation, vid will load in a few secs.


tujea oslem konuch nah ani dushrem

there is no one else like you

devachem tum mhaka ek denna

you're God's gift to me

mhojea passot dista tuka rochlem

It seems he made you for me

eia sonvasarant tuka mhaka meuvnk dhi

in this world He let us meet

poilech bett her dogai ami poddon mogan

we fell in love at first sight

ravlim ami soddanch ekvottan

we'll remain always united

niz mogan kello dogainim khallzan thuan

we love each other truly from the heart

morosor dogaim jinne sangathan

till we die we'll live together


sasnak tu mhojem

you were mine forever

dillelem utor sodanch sambhauchem

the word(vow) given we'll keep forever

donne khalzzan ek korun zallim

two hearts became One

sarua jivit sangatan oi mogan

Lets spend our lives together

nirmol mog tuzo kortolom

I will love you truly

mogan tuka vegun gevun kevtolom

will hold you lovingly in my embrace

sogllem sukh tuka hanv dittolom

All the joy I will give you

sodankall tuka khuxal dorunk vavurtolom

I will work hard to make you happy

cheddum koreanch mhjuea monnatlem

you are truly the girl form my dreams

borea gunnane dekh rithin vadoilelm

raised with good values and manners

angea sarkam mhojea jivitan ailem

like an angel you came into my life

sopnan sopon purem zaunk paulam

My dreams I dreamt have come true


fuddar amcho soddanch borem zaunk

we may have good and blessed future

Deva lagim magtam hath zoddun

I pray to God with hands clasped

visvaxan ani mogan paulam marle sangatam

faithfully and with love let us step ahead

fuddo korchim kedai ailer odrussuk tuffan

We'll fight howsoever the troubles and the storms



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