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Viva San Joao, live Goan Band Archies

 Goan Band Archies

The village celebration with live band, after the Feast Mass. Credit to Goan Band Archies, please visit our latest post on Goyacho Sao Joao

Viva San Joao -we relish our faith.,on St John the Baptist feast day, after the grand feast Mass, its time for fun

of wearing a crown of flower or Coppell and jumping in joyful abandon in the well, with swig of feni here and there. Not recommended Now with drowning deaths of youth.-with live bands, food, games stalls music, food, drinks, dancing , and Teatro. hope the great saint who fed on locust and wild honey, will give it a pass.


lawrie yeo some fun lyrics/medley to listen to.... he: hanv tuzho, tuem mujheam moroi porient I am yours, you are mine, till we die.... she: soddechea nah kedhain vodllem ailar tuffan i will never leave yo whatever the storms. lawrie yo, lawrie yo ghe maka tuzheah gopant lawrie come, lawrie come, take me in your arms.... ........ tum soddanch muzeah fatleant athtai, kiteak? you always follow after me, why? tum feeoneoh galteat, feeoneoh galteat, kiteak? you whistle at me,whistle at me, why? dolleah mothai, dolleah mothai, kiteak? you wink at me, wink at me, why? tum nokre, nokre kortai, kiteak? you fuss, fuss at me, why? Hanve tuka zhai, tum sang maka you want me, you tell me Mog Kalzanth tu dorie naka don't keep your love inside your heart .


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