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Goycho Sao Joao (Goa's St. John feast)

Goycho Sao Joao

Goycho Sao Joao, Goa's St. John, the Baptist feast is celebrated with fervor and merriment. One of the finest and yet relaxed depiction of the festive occasion in song,music and dances and mouth watering culinary delights. St. John, the baptist wore loin clothes of camel hair and lived on locust and wild honey and his clarion call " to repent" to make way for the arrival of the Saviour. credit : Fr. Milagres Dias lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Sao Joao San Joao Sao Joao, Sao Joao ami monvtan

St. John, St, St John Feat we celebrate

Goycho ho Sao Joao vorrad ami monvtanv

Goa's St. John we celebrate fervently

Sao Joao navh gaitanv ani uddok navtaun

we take the name St. John and we bathe

"eio gho jackin ponnosh adh go begin "

Come Jacki get the Jackfruit hurry"

"Aile, aile re"

"Coming, Coming"

"Kator gho ponnos Severine"

"Cut the jackfruit, Severine"

"kattot re"

" I am cutting, hush"

"Dukor marle, sorpatel Sanna buddon kav re Marceline"

" we have cut the pigling, soak it in Sanna and eat it, Marceline"

Add mass randlam, ruchik zalle

"I have cooked meat bones, very tasty"

"tattan gallun dhe gho Severine"

"Put in a plate and give me, Severine"

gorom... Alle Belle, severio, pinagre, dos Bolle

Warm Alle belle's, Severios, pinagre, Dos Bolle



"pattolio kellai, borum adlai Panttleo"

"I have pattleo, basket full"

Koddkodd eaite voddle

"karv re Inacio Lozanaka"

" eat Inacio, don't feel shy"

"hath gho, hath gho"

' I am eating"

"Fallean kain meuchana tuka"

" you will not get any tomorrow"

"ha, ha, ha"

"Ghodshen assa buddoen paka paka"

" I have ghodshen, , ...".

" Kotean borun dhi gho maka"

" fill the coconut and give it to me "

"Konkonn kella, borem zalla, fatte fuddem,, Rosario Choinaka"

"I have konkonn, it is good, don't look ahead behind"

Daktai fullanche Koppel gallun, Savia ak adla khandder laun

With the crown of little flowers, I have brought Savio on my shoulders

gumotean vazzon .. jardin baenche aileanc gettanv gavnk

beating the ghumot, we have come by garden well singing songs

Sao Joao mhunnon baimk uddkeo marta

With Sao Joao on our lips, we jump into well

" Sao Joao"

Sogglim zanne borinch nachotai

Everyone is dancing well

"fulloi, Fulloi"

vorsachai vorshak Sao Joao Monvotai

Every year, we celebrate the feast

festachi khusalkai vaddta

the feast happiness increases

Bhave Bhoina koshim ektain zatta

Like bros and sis we gather together

akh'khem ganvant Sao Joao Gazoita

we celebrate the feast throughout the village



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