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Ravchim Sangatan (remain together)

Ravchim Sangatan

Ravchim Sangatan, Goan Konkani love songs that feels good to listen. songs about love that binds, of loving forever

and keeping the vows and promises to remain together.

Credit: Cast. Sanvic Fernandes & Abigail Tavares singer: Sanvic Fernandes'



mhojem kalliz assa fokot tuka bettoilelem

my heart is dedicated just for you

moga tunch mhojea kallzachem bavlem

my love you are my hearts doll

2) mhojem kalliz assa tuka axellelem

my heart has been aching for you

mhonne mhujem tuckach lagon gospolalem

my mind is knots because of you

tum meulear mhojem kalliz dadostellem

when I meet you my heart is overjoyed

tunch cheddun korench mhujea monahatlem

you girl are truly on my mind

axellam tum utor kedna dittelem

waiting when will give me your word


sodanch moga dovrtolo kallzak mhujea

I will keep you in my heart

tuka sambaoitolem mhujea kaalzechea pinzrea

I will guard you in my hearts cage

aikonk axella amchi respsarchi Ghantt

I wish to hear our nuptials bell ringing

2) Padri ektaim kortolo amkam.....

the priest will bless our Union

ravchim sangatan eka mekachea gopant

we'll remain together in each others arms

.fuddo korchem. keddain ailer tuffan

we'll fight the tempest, if it blows

sodanch bhaunvchim mogan

let walk ahead in love

vodden tandeu visvaxan

we'll row our boat faithfully

2) tuzo mog kortolo sonvsar sompo porean

I will love you till the world ends

tujea phonnechi vatt polleun hanv ravtam

I waiting to hear your phone call

mhujea kallzache bavlem tuka sangonk axetam

tuzea rupkar eai dollear mukar ghunvta

your visage glimmers in front of my eyes

2)...tujea mogan mhuje tan bagoita...

your love satisfies my thirst

ekuch paut moga maka tujea vegun dhor

Hold me in your embrace just once

tujea mogan kitem jaunchenam sor

without your love nothing could happen

ekuch paut gopan moga maka dadadhoshi kor

tum mhujea anjea dhi maka kallzache utor

you are my angel give me your word



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