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Poilo Kiss (the first Kiss)

Poilo Kiss

Poilo Kiss (the first kiss)Its unforgettable the first kiss you

received from your love one, even if the traces of love now remain and love you shared has all but withered away.

original singer/Composer: Chris Perry

natural portrayal of love and that look of betrayal Cast: Paul & Daniella. Credit: 4J's Production/ Peter De Merces

lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


khombiache gomti katrun khombo tho rokdoch morchona

uddok tuje motin dhor tain uddok motin tuje dhorchena

ek munis morot thor, tacho otmo kuddick ravchona

when a person dies, his soul does not remain in the body

punn jiv tho kadishe mhojo nirmol mog tho tuzo

but even if my life is taken away, your innocent love

khalzzantlo bhair sorchona

will not escape from my heart


ugdass vecchona kednach tuvem dillolia poilia kissacho

I will never forget, when you gave me kiss for the first time

azunie vonttar dhagg assa roch podlolo mogacho

I still have the lipstick marks on my lips and taste of love

chintun khabar zaunchinam chintanin niall kortoch thea dissacho

memories will not fade, when I think about that day

khon bhoriotolo book amchea jivitacho

who will write the book of our lives

dhaktulea bhurgea bhassen ankeann tum mhojea kevtalem

like a little child, you will play on my lap

venghen maka dhorun polle mhoje lanvtalle

in your embrace, you will kiss my cheeks

dollean mhojea polluen mogache anvde ghevtallem

gazing into my eyes , you will ignite love desires

dis rath kathale jive, mhunntale I love you mhuje vontte chinvtalle

day and night , you will wear me out, saying I love smooching my lips


juramaentan bhandlolo khalzzantlo mog tho gello sutton

with vows we tied our hearts desires, which left the knots

visorchona mhuntalle molbialle viz passun ailear loton

you will say you will not forget, even if the lightning struck

mogan ami bhonvattlim deraphant amizad gelle futton

we dated lovingly but suddenly the friendship was torn apart

sogllem ulloillem koshen nagar gallen mog tho gello tutton

all the spoken words in happiness withered away broken apart



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