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Piti piti mog, 15AG band

Piti piti mog

Piti Piti mog, a rhythmic playful Konkan love song original singer Antonette It was impossible do anything else but drop dead as kids and savor this love song, when it played over radios, long time ago sung by Vocalist

Credit: Goan band 15AG


Dista maka anik moga oslem nam munnon sukh

seems like there is no happiness like being in love

Borla kallzan tuvem roila poi to mogacho rukh

my heart is filled with garland of love that you've planted

Boroin avem dovorla, amchea istorin borlolo book

I have written for keeps in our book full of our story

Sozmotam kallzak hea diuchonam munnon tum dukh

I am certain you will not cause this heart of mine any pain


Pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti kalliz hem zata

pitti pitti pitti pitti pitti my heart beats

Nidlear nid poddonam punn tuzoch ugddas maka ieta

while trying to sleep, I cannot, your thoughts engulf me

Gott vengen maka tho dhorta

you hold me tight in your embrace

chiddun mud'dun moje kiss tho gheta

you squeeze, me crush me, and you kiss me

Pitti pitti pitti mog amcho kallizak khuxalkai dita

pitti pitti pitti love of ours gives us happiness

. La la la la la la la la i

Chintlear dista maka mog amcho novlanim borla

Oslo novlamcho mog kallzan mojea bitor sorla

Tutton vochonam zavunk, kallzant gott taka bandun dorla

for our love not break free, we have bound it tightly

Kazar zaun fokot ekvott zaupacho u'lla

Only our wedding is left to bind us one



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