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Overtime Konkani playful love duet

Overtime Konkani

Overtime Konkani playful love duet to soothe wife's doubts, while her husband is at work/office, a lovesome quarrel, set in a home for real.. A wonderful recreation of Original composition: Wilmix & Sharon

Credit Cast/Singers: Aurvile Rodrigues/ Silvia Fernandes

Lyrics with English Translation for Global audience, vis link will load in few secs


Wife (W): Soglo lok ghara paulo, tukach kitiak vogot zalo Everyone has come home, Why only you are so late

Husband (H): Maka offisant overtime korcho podlo

I had to work overtime in the office

W: Dusreank mista overtime mevonam, tor te late kitiak ghara pavonam

others don't have overtime, why they don't reach home late

H: Tankam muje baxen servis korunk khovonam

they do not know how to work like me

W: Tor tum koslem overtime kori

then what type of overtime you do

H: Soglea businesancho ixob mari

I have to manage the finances of the Company

W: Maka dista tuji secretary ani tum mog kori

I feel you and your secretary were making love

H: Dhubavachi tum toptai suri

you pierce me with knives of doubt

W: Nam tor tum sodanch kitiak late tori

then why are you always late

H: Borem zalem muji secretary munnon zanti matari

It is good that my secretary is old

W: Khonn sango tum bountai munh eka offisantlea chedvak geun

Somebody said that you are roaming with your office girl

H: Tanchea main pain mista tankam oxinch diliant soddun

you think their mom dad has left them to loose to misbehave

W: Tossoch poir tum hotelant asloi munn tea chedvachea khandar att gallun

likewise you were in the hotel, with your arms around her shoulders

H: Hem tuka James Bond mista khobor dita daddhun

I guess James Bond is giving you this news

W Au zanam tum maka fotoitai

I know your are telling lies

H: Ani tum burgeam baxen fotoutai

and you are getting fooled like a child

W: Ek diss maka tujea offisant eun sogot chedvank mellonk zai

One day I want to come to you office and meet all the girls

H: Vodde kuxen offisant yeo go bai

Oh with great pleasure come to the office

W: Poitam tim chedvam kitlim uxar assai

I will see how smart these girls are?

H: Pollonk tuje itlinch tim astelim punn kamak uxar go bai

W: Markitan khonnem poilam tuka sadio ghetaloi fott marinaka

somebody saw you in the market buying saree, do not lie

H: Kitiak fott marum jerul poila astolo maka

just to lie, he might have seen me.

W: Tor teo saddio khonnak sang maka khonnui tem zau nessonk pavnaka

then tell me for whom are those sarees, whoever it be, mustn't wear it.

H Kitiak apnacheach todan moronk magtai tuka

why do you burn your own tongue

W: Saddiancho present khonnak diupacho

so for whom is the Gift of sarees

H: Falliam birthday muje bailecho zori tor tukach ugdass nam tacho hatun gunneau khonnacho

tomorrow is my wife's birthday, if still you do not remember, and whose fault is it?

W: Bhogos poti guneau zalo mozo

sorry my husband it was my fault

H Bhogsun palonam dhubauvacho uzo, falliam tum overtimant eun gho bai dhubau pois kor tuzo

Sorry does not douse the flames of doubt, tomorrow you come during overtimes, and leave your doubts afar.


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