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Original Goenkar (the native Goans)

Original Goenkar

We don’t have talk shows who blabber for daysabout politics. We deliver our subtle messages with songs, Even the ancient Greeks would have envied us. Credit to Dramedy Queen. Original Goenkar (the native Goans)


This song has an universal appeal, wherever you go, there is always the claim from some clan or tribe, that they are the original natives of the land. But even the original natives evolve with new fashion trends and they don’t look natives any more


Amcho log tho sogllo sudranche bahsenn zallo, olkoen mannheant matt punne

Our natives have become something else and nobody can recognize them anymore.


We adopt the styles, fashions from actors, actresses' and models but their behavior make us ashamed.

Then, there are the politicians who import these hordes of migrants from other states for their votes banks and the law of the land is for us and NOT for the migrants, they can do as they please.

And we are left with our flag to wave, (Kashtti), male thong underwear worn by our tribals.

--her delivery is par excellente!!!


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