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Oh Moga ( Oh My love)

Oh Moga

Oh Moga, Oh my love, a melodious love song of the bond that survives and strengthen, when he depart for work abroad and waits patiently for love to return and hold in each others arms Credit: Benzer Fernandes

vocalist: Benzer & Bushka Cast: Benzer & Merlyn

lyrics with translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


She: Kalliz Hem Dhod-Dhodtta

my heart is beating hard

Moga Tukach Tem Axeta

my love it craves for you

Ugdas Korun Tuzo hanv Dis

thinking of you day

Anik Rath Suskartam

and night I sigh

He:: Tujea Sangatak Sarlolo Vell

time i spent in your company

Ugdas Korun Hanv Dis Sartam

thinking of it I sigh

Photvak Tujea Poloun Moga

Ekloch Hanv Murgottam

-- Chorus -- (Both)

Oh Moga !

Oh love

Mojem Kalzachea Sukha

my hearts haven

Tujea Vinne Sonvsar Voh Rikamo Dista Mhaka

without you this world seems empty

Toofan Upraslear Sodchona/Sodchina tuka

if Storms arise I will not leave you

Tuzoch Mog Kela , Dusrem/Dusro konn Naka

I have loved you alone, i do not want anyone else

Kednach Visronaka

Please never forget

Oh Moga !

Oh Love


Hatak Hath Ghalun

holding hands

Cholom-ia Jivitachi Vatt

let us walk the life path

Kalliz Mhojem Uchamboll Zata

my heart is fretting

Savrona Tem Maat

does not calm a bit


Tuzo Avaaz Kanar Podtoch

when I hear your voice

Kalliz Mhojem Zata Xhant

I heart is at rest

Baby I Just Need You,


Tuzoch Zai Mhaka Sangat

I just need your intimacy

-- Chorus


Parvea Porim Moga

like a dove my love

Mojea vengent yo uddon

fly into my arms


Dista Mhaka Vengent Tujea

It seems like, to be in your embrace

Kedna Kai Pavonk

I await eagerly

Vengent Dhorun Dista

feel like holding you

Vegin Tuka Mellon

to see you soon


Vaat Tuji Poloun Moga

I eagerly await your footsteps my love

Mhoje Dolle Ghele Vollon

My eyes have tired

-- Chorus -


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