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Oh Moga (Oh my love)

Oh Moga

Soft and soothing love song, and melody that strums an endearing love story. stories are never the same, each has its own measure of beauty that leads to Altar.

Credit to: Dylan Rodrigues cast Kevin Almeida and Esha Rebello, Dylan

snippets of lyrics, vid will load in few secs.


Footbollan hanv kelltana

Whilst playing football

Boll tujer podlo choltana

The ball fell on you, whilst walking

Fullam podlim hatitlim cholan vaitana

The flowers fell from your hand

Mafi tujhea tahen magon

I apologized to you

Ultor mhoje dolle

My eyes were awakened

,, sobit tuem dislem

You looked very beautiful

Oh moga, tuckache poitan hnav zallon pisso

Oh Love while looking at you, I was crazy

Mujhe sikh duk ani tum borvaso

My hope, my pain you are my certitude

Mogan ami ranchim, oh anvde mhojo

That we remain in love, this my desire

Tujea vinnem ani kai naka disso

Without you I want nothing else

Tujeach mogan kalliz mhoje laslo

With love for you my heart burns

Aiz khalliz koshi zallem

Today my heart is happy

Tum ailam mhunne jivitan

That you came into my life

Vengan eu gopant tuka hanv gaveun asselan

Come hastily, I desire to hold you in my embrace

.......Ravuia sangatan koshli chuk adalear boxitchi ekvottan

Let us remain together, any mistake, we'll forgive together

Oh Moga tum mhoje rani hanve tujo raja

Oh Love you are my queen and I am your King

Suru koria amche khanni…..

Lets begin our love story


........Ekvatan vatt cholui fudarache

.........Lets walk together our future


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