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Niz Mog (true love)

Niz Mog

Niz Mog , A melodious Voice and heart warming lyrics of an original Goan Konkani Love song.

credit to :Voller D'Costa

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Mevle tu Mhaka mhojea noshibant

you met me in my destiny

Rochle Devan rochle mhojea pasot

Our Creator has made you for me

Haven tuzo khoro niz Mog kela

I have loved you truly

Sangta tuka hanv zuramentan

I reveal to you my love with a vow

Mhojea monan rigle tu

You are engraved in my mind

Mhojea kallzan lipla tu

You are hidden in my heart

Mhojea sopnan na zatai tu (2 Times)

In my dreams, you vanish

Poituch tuje rup kallzant mhojea rigle

Having seen your visage, it is engraved in my heart

Mog tujo kela mhon sangun dile

that I love you, I have told everyone

Tu aila tea dis tan jivit mhoje

from the day you came into my life

Avchit Khuxalkaien bodolle

from then on my life turned into happiness


Satvo sacrament zodun Ami

Having fulfilled the seventh sacrament

Devan ekvot kelo amcho dogaicho

Our God has united us together

Kallzache kolaiek thaun tuzo

From the depths of my heart

Morosor hanv mog kortolo (2 Times)

till I die I will love you



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