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Mogachim Lharam

Mogachim Lharam

Mogachim Lharam (waves of Love) A poetry in a song,

a wedding special for the couple, Theo & Melvisha, exquisitely composed and performed by Myron Lucas Credit: The 7 Notes Band Contact:- 7875148456 / 7264963811

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


suropai tuji khallzak mhojea rigli

Your beauty has touched my heart

ektain eiavun sopna aslim amchi

to be together was our dream

dorai..zomnik kedinch.. korunk zaina doxin

sea cannot be detached from the land

toxinch devan bandli khallzan amchi

and likewise God has tied our hearts


Mogachea lharar e ami kevchim

on waves of the sea we'll play

Doria amcho vanvde amchea mogan

let the sea swirl with our love

veller dorai udok poile rongoita

the waves caress the shores

toxinch ekvotaan ravchim dogaim sukhan

likewise we'll live together in happiness

tum ani hanv ranvde amchea mogan

you and me remain in love

dogaim ami vanvde amchea mogan

both of us flow in our love

sukhan toxench dhukan visvaxi ravtolom

in joy and sorrow I'll remain faithful

moga amche fudo hanv divchuna

I will not let our love fizzle

mhanan tuka netoitolom

with taste I will adorn you

rath dis sambaltolom

day and night I'll guard you.

somzikaen varro eiav pauchenam

our understanding (intimacy) the wind will not touch



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