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Moga Tukach Axeta

Moga Tukach Axeta

Moga Tukach Axeta (I yearn for you, my love) a Konkani song. exuding in love and promises, no two love songs are the same, each has different feel, a story.

Cast: Claid Tavares Sithi Naik Vocalist: Claid Tavares

Credit: Claid Tavares.

Lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid link will load in few secs.


poilech paut tuka zedna hanvem deklan

when I first saw you first

kalliz mhojem tujea mogan laslem

my heart was inflamed in love with you

ek angea koshen mhojea samkar uben tum zallem

like a angel you stood in front of me

dislem Devan uka mhojech passot rochlem

It seems like God created you for me

chintlelim sopna mhojim...... zaunchim......

my dreams may come true

bhortolom jivit tujim hanv fulani

I will fill your life with flowers

..zallem zalear sozmon ami gevchim

animosity we will try to understand

mog amka zalla mhunne sobha mazer sarchim


mogache sopna sodanch sopnatalom

I used to always dream of love

Rani tuka mhuji korunk chintalom

I would dream to make you my queen

amche bagen ekvottachim sobit fullam

to plant in our garden the flowers of union

rovchak Deva lagin itlench hanv magtalom

this is all, I would pray to God.

sonvsarank ani nah konne tum sobit eklem

there is no one in the world as beautiful as you

kiteak eruch mhonne lagana mhonne mhojem

there is nothing else my mind is preoccupied

kallonkant aslelem jivit uzavddan fanklem

my life in darkness the light has shone

sopon purrem zaunchem amchem dogainchem

our dreams may come true for both of us

sambaio sodanch kortolom mhujea moga

I will take care of you my love

visvaxi vatt cholounchi sangatan

we'll travel the path with trust

mog amcho vadoitolom sassnchea sassanak

our love will grow for eternity eternity

kedinch sodchona sangat moga tuzo jivitan

I will never leave your company in this life


shekin ek zaun dogaim ami bhas delli altrara .............2

finally the two of us became one given our word before altar

Deva gallunk amchea mogacher besanv

God may bless our love (Union)


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