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Mog Sobit Fulacho

Mog Sobit Fulacho

Mog Sobit Fulacho (in love with a beautiful flower) a serenade of love, softly strumming his guitar for his sweetheart, who blooms like a beautiful flower.

Starring: William & Janet de Verna Vocalist/Composer: William D Costa Credit: Goan beanO

Lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


pre chorus

bhagent tum ek fulam voi bhagent

like a flower in the garden, yes in the garden

pormoll fankla voi sogglech vattien

the fragrance has spread everywhere

kalliz dodd doodta vhodha koshen

the heart beats with great joy

sonvsar voh dista sorgar bhaxen

this world seems like heaven now

vatter deklem tuka voi vatter

I saw you on the road, yes on the road

uzvadd fankla poi sogglech kushen

the light shines in all direction

dolle zogg zoggle motien bhaxen

eyes dazzled just like pearls

mhonne khosench lagonna dush reh koden

my mind cannot focus on anything else


poilech nodrek agttem khoxen

with first glance like flame

tum mhojea kallzant riglem

you have kindled my heart

rup tujem angea porim kalliz mhojem doddlem

your visage like an angel, my heart beats hard

rupkar tunch eiata dollean mukhar

your image plays in front of my eyes

paulam vochonna fuddem malear

my feet are frozen when I step ahead

utram ghodbotha ekluch tonddar

the word are stuck in the mouth

mogachem pissem voi sutlam varear

love fever(craze) has sprung forth in the air


chintnam mhonnant dina mhojea thar

my mind is not at ease with thoughts

sopnam tuzoch poi choitah hanv rupkar

in my dreams I see only your visage

Rani koshi eaita dollear mukhar

just like queen you come before my eyes

mogache ugodlo puro thein dhar

it will be enough if you could open the gate of love


pre chorus


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