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Mog Amcho (Our Love)

Mog Amcho

This is another magical Goan love song of dedication with simple lyrics

of togetherness and bonds of love Credit to Jolan D"costa

Mog Amcho

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


jivitant tum aileam Chintinastana

You came into my life unintentionally

ixttagot ti zali Uloinastana

Our friendship developed without a word

Dogaim ami meulim sangostana

the two of us met, without any promptings

Don kalzam ek zalim kollonastana

two hearts became one without even knowing

Mogan ravchim visvasin

We'll remain in love faithfully

jivit sarchem sontosan

spend our lives in contentment

Mog amcho toh Zalo Mogall utranim

Our love blossomed with words of love

Mog amcho tho vadlo Mogall bhavnanin

I love grew more with our nurturing

sodanch toh mog sambalcho dogainin

we'll always preserve our love together

Kednanch zauchi nou doxim

we'll never let it grow apart

Sangatan tum astoch kalliz khoxen bhorta

when you are together, my heart is filled with happiness

rupnem tujem dhektoch jiv dhados zata

the sight of you, my life becomes satisfied

chintelim tim chitnam Purim zalim atam

thoughts of ours have come true, now

jivtachi hi vatt cholea sangatan

the life path, we'll walk together

mgan ravhim visvasan jivit sarchem santossan

we'll remain together faithfully, spend our lives joyfully


ooo, tum Mhojem, Hanv tujo

ooo You are mine and I am yours

ooo, tu Mhojem hanv tuzo

ooo You are mine and I am yours



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