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Mog Amcho Dogaimcho (the love of ours)

Mog Amcho Dogaimcho

A heart warming song and a melody, a wedding special

Cast : Dykvan Fernandes & Samantha Da Costa

credit/ Artist : Dykvan Fernandes Mog Amcho Dogaimcho

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


Suryachea kirnnanim dis aicho udhelo

the day dawned today with rays of sun

Modhur tea talleanim suknneanim avaz dilo

with melodious voices the birds lent their music

Zatlem tum mhojem sangatin sasnachem

You will become mine forever

Devan nirmilolem zodem amchem dogaimchem

God has destined this bond of two of us


Tum moga mhojem sukh sasnachem

You are my happiness forever

Tujech vengent dovor sodamch mhaka

hold me in your embrace as always

Kedem ailear toofan ravchim sangatan

howsoever big the storms, we'll be together

Sonvsar voh soro porian

till the end of this world

Ullasta jiv mhozo rupkar poitoch tuzo

my life sighs of joy seeing your visage

Altarxim jurar zaunk aanvdo aslo amcho

to vow before the altar was always our wish

Aiz xekim toh zalo puro moro porian toh urcho

today finally it has been fulfilled and hope it remains till we die

Bessamvanim bhorom mog amcho dogaimcho

filled with blessings, the love of ours



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