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Mevlim Noxibhant ( Fate binds)

Mevlim Noxibhant

Mevlim Noxibhant, Fate brought us together, a lovely Konkani love duet, has an element of nostalgia and countryside, above all fate's handiwork

credit: Wilma & Paviola Dias



tum maka meulo mhuzea noxibant

you met me in my life's destiny

.. pori sobit sopon, tuzeruch assa mujhe mohonne

like a dream, only you are in mind


mhozea passot tuka rochlem Devan

for my sake God created you

dadon dillem eai jivitan

he sent you in my life

tunch rigle, eai kallzan

you are engraved in my heart


hath dorun ami eka makacho

holding each others hand

choluea soddanch sangatam

lets walk always together

sacrament ami zoddun ravuea ekvottan

lets fulfill the sacrament and remains together

mogachem varem voi tem marta somdirant

fresh wind from the shore blows

uddimea moga ai mogan

let fly together in love

oxen soddanch ami raunchim moro purean

lets remains together till we die


visvax dhorun ami rauchim

trusting each other we'll remain

vegin dhorun dogaim

in each other's embrace

sukhan dhukan vantto gevhim

to share the joys and sorrows


vaitt vellar ami fuddo korchim

when troubles come, we'll fight it

mogan mhumpassan bauchim

in love and affection we'll walk

chitlellim chitnam purim korchim

our thoughts and dreams we'll fulfill



soddanch uzvaad dakoitolem

I will show you the light

sangatt mhojo tuka dittolem

I will give you my company

tuzea hatak dhorun hanv choltoliem

holding your hand I will walk


mog tuzo soddanch kortolom

I will always love you

tuka visvaxi hanv ravtolem

I will remain faithful to you

soddanch samballun dhortolom

I will always protect you


tum mhojem and hanv tuzo moro purean

You are mine and I am yours till we die.


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