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lawrie yeo- Goan Konkani Love duet

lawrie yeo

Love duet to warm your hearts Vocalist: Michelle Rebello & Milburn Fernandes

Credit to the Producer : Myron Rodrigues

Cast: Limbraina Pinto & Milburn Fernandes

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs




Rhupnnem tuhjem nialltham

I am gazing at your picture

Yem kallzhant mhojea riglam

It has nestled into my heart

Anjea, yeo vegin tukhach ashetam

Angel, come hastily, I am yearning for you


Ahh……Shavlli tujhi dishonam

…. Your shadow I cannot see

Khuim asai mhunn shomzonam

where you are? I cannot figure out.

Lawrie, poinh tukha ashe hi bhagoitam

Lawrie, looking at you I am feel comforted.


Hanv tuzho, tum mhojem moro porianh

I am yours and you are mine till we die

Tukha poinh mhaka lago nham bhuk-tan

Looking at you I am not hungry anymore


Ahh.. Sodd chinam kedheim vhoddlem ailear tufhan

.. Will not leave you even in midst of heavy storm

Lawrie yeo, Lawrie yeo, dhorunk gopanth

Come lawrie, Come Lawrie, and hold me in your arms


Thora, thora, thora!

Yeah Lawrie…



Moghan tujhea hanv poddlam

I am in love with you

Khalliz khallzak bhettoilam

I dedicate this heart of mine to you

Monhhe mhojem tujhea moghan piso zalam

My mind is madly in love with you

She: Hanvuim pixim zaun dhanvtam

I too run madly

Tujhea moghak ashetam

I yearn for your love

Di utor tuhji sangatinn zatham

Give your word, I will be your mate.


Zhonelar boson vatt poitham tuji

Reclining on a window I wait for you

Sang kedna utrachi ghalia mudi

Tell me when we put the ring


Tum raza, hanv ranni, sobit thi zoddi

You my king and I am your queen a beautiful couple

Lawrie yeo, Lawrie yeo, khor dhadoxi

Come Lawrie , Come lawrie and make me happy.

Tora, tora, tora!



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