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Korar Sasnacho (eternal covenant)

Korar Sasnacho

Korar Sasnacho, a Goan Konkani song, a poetic expression of love imbued with class and beauty of its own with a magical touch from a mesmerizing young star, credit: Lourdes Dias

lyrics with translation, vid will load in few secs.


Korar sasnacho to sangat

Kelo ravun altara mukhar

the eternal Covenant we fulfilled in front of the altar

Ekvott mogacho to rupkar

....... amrut eia kallzan

the essence of love union nestled in the heart

rupnem melloun ti nodor

the vison meets the sight

Vontar kevoita mogall utor

on the lips springs the words of love

Hatak gutlam utrache dhor

hands wring to hold the words

Sangatan bandlam sasnache ghor

together we built our heavenly abode


Khorench mog to sasnacho

truly its eternal love

Soggleank jivit divpacho

gives life to everyone

Khorench mog to dogaincho

truly the love of ours

Bandpass sasnank sasnacho

the eternal knot to heaven

Jivit devache te birhadd

our life is God's abode

Dennem ekvotache bandar

gift of our union formed

Khalti ravunk sukhan dukhan

in humility midst of happiness and griefs

rakhlem korarche dar

guarded our covenant's door

Sobit sundor ho sonvsar

this beautiful world

Kantoilam amchea kallzar

engraved in our hearts

Urunk ho sasnacho bandpass

to preserve our eternal bond

Magtanv ami ters rozarant

We pray in our rosary



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