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kallzant mog rigla, a love ballad

kallzant Mog rigla

kallzant Mog rigla, (love has snuggled in my heart) a winsome love song to celebrate being in love

and togetherness, the intimacy of souls Original song by, Goa's star singer : Cielda Pereira

lyrics with English translation, vids will load in few secs.


kallzan mhojea mog rigaon assa

you love has nestled in my heart

tuka polluen mhonne dadosta

to see you my mind feels happy

hastem mukhamoll polluen tujem

to see you smiling visage

mhujea mhonne murgota

my mind blushes

tujea vinnem mhojean ravonk nazzo

without you I cannot live

sangattan ravonk sor tuka vannto gevun

to remain together to share our lives

deva mukhar sakxi devun

with God Our witness

sopon puren zaunk Deva lagin magtam

Our dreams may come true, I pray to God


Oh my love want to hold your hand and say

Oh my love want to spend the rest of my life with you

mogachi veng marun tuka kalliz sodanch axetam

to hold you in loving embrace my heart desires

jivatan maka kainch naka fokot tunch zai maka

in my life I do not want anyone else but you

tufan ami sampodlear sangattan fudden gevunea

We'll face the storms together and fight it ahead

mogan jivit sarunea ekak mekak sangat devunea

spend our lives in love, we'll give each other togetherness

sopon purean zavon deva lagim magtaum

.Our dreams may come true , I pray to God..


sodanch ami visvaxi ravea hatat hat gallun fudden soruea

we'll remain true to each and holding hands we'll move ahead



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