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kallzak kalliz mevtoch (when two hearts meet)

kallzak kalliz mevtoch

Kallzak kalliz mevtoch ( when two hearts meet) a rhythmic beat for a love song with a lovely couple, a delightful dance choreography and a mesmerizing scenery in the background. Credit: Lana Da Costa

snippets of lyrics with English translation for Global audience, vid will load in few secs.


escolan ami shiktana voi ami mevlim

while we are studying in school, we met

moipassan somzikaen lagin eiavun laglim

with affection and understanding we became close friends

dolle dolle lavuen ami poitalim

We'll gaze into each others eyes

todanch dhisan bhitor mog kornare zalim

within few days we became lovers


Mog amcho doxi jalim... diuchinam

the break up of our love, I will not allow

voi divchinam

yes, I will not allow

tukach eim jivit bhettoliem

I've dedicated this life to you

dusreak divun zauchenam

I cannot offer to anyone else

voi zauchinam

Yes, I cannot

vell pasar zaina moga sangatam astoch

time stands still, when we are together

shantikean khalliz nachta tum lagin astoch

the heart leaps joyfully, when you're near

tunch mhozo sonvsari khuxal .....

You're my world's happiness

khalliz dodoonk lagta khalliz khalliz meutoch

heart beats faster when two hearts meet

tuzech rupkar eaita dolle passun dhamtoch

I still see your visage, even when I close my eyes

suki sonvsar dista dollean tuzea poitoch

the world seems cheerful in your eyes


vatt polluen ravta dis tho eaitholo

I await anxiously when the day will arrive

tuzo ani mhozo mog ekvott zattollo

when the two of us will be One

niz mog amcho molladik zattolo

the true love of ours will be hallowed

sopon purem zallem mhunne jive sontostollo

the dreams have come true, life became contented


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