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Juliana Konkani love song

Juliana Konkani  love song

Juliana a Konkani love song, which was played incessantly over the Radio growing up as kids in Goa. pining for a lost love, Juliana who will never be seen again. All he can do pray and wish the best for her.

Original singer: Hemant Kumar Credit; Neil D'Souza

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


Kalzan than mog tuzo hanv kortam,

I love you from the depths of heart

Sodanch tujea mogak axetam,

I always hunger for your love

Dis-rath sopnant tuka dekhtam,

day and night I see you in my dreams

Fudar chintun dukham golloitam..........*2

pondering on the future I weep

Tum moga hene thene vaat chamkotanam,

you dear go hither thither losing your path

Gomaan dinaim maka porva tuka nam,

You do not let me know, you don't care

Hanv tuka mojench korunk motint chintanam,

I wanted to make you mine, was in my mind

Kiteak sandun gelaim maka somzonam.

Why did you leave me I do not understand


Juliana Juliana Mogaa mujea..Juliana

Juliana, Juliana, my dear Juliana

Eksurponnan sandlaim mugo maka,

You let me alone and single

Tuje vinnem sonvsaru naka,

without you I do not want the world

Borem magon adeus kortam moga

praying best wishes, I bid you goodbye

Kalliz sodanch chintelem tuka…......*2

in my heart I will always think of you


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