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Jivit sarunk zai (to spend my life)

Jivit sarunk zai

Jivit Sarunk Zai ( to spend my life) A lively afro beat that has enthused many and has gone viral with a movie like suspense, to love someone else's girl puts you at risk and in a danger zone. vocalist/composer: DJ Salvino Main Cast : Salvino Miranda Natasha Gonsalves. snippets of lyrics with English translation for global audience, vid will load in few secs.


Doriacher deger bossun aikochim kantaram

We will sit near the seashore and listen to songs

zonaller bossun ratchim mezchim... noketran

we'll sit by the window and count the stars

dollieani tujea kedin kadchona dukhan dhukan dukhan

I will not let you shed tears in your eyes.


tujea sangatam asta khusalkai

in your intimacy is happiness

tujea sangatan jivit zallem...

In your intimacy life has begun

dolleani dolle ghallun nodor tuvem chorli...

with your eyes on mine you stole the gaze

demmi gahlun kelli magni Devan poi aikoli

on our knees, we said our prayers and God has listened

tum eaitoch jivitani sobit mogri fullim

with you in my life, lovely mogra bloomed

voh voh tum re mog mhozo re my love

voh voh sangat sasnacho

my companion forever

sangat tuzo sodchona, mog unne korchona

I will not leave your side and lessen my love

bizoi maka tuzea mogan

shower me in your love



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