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Istor Mogachi (a love story)

Istor Mogachi

Istor Mogachi ( a love story) and no two love songs are the same. Each imbued with its own exquisite patterns to lead finally to the altar Cast: Regy Colaco & Cia Clancy Fernandes Vocalist: Sylwester Fernandes

Lyrics with English translation, vid link will load in few secs.


koxen bhorlem khalliz poitoch tuka mhojea fudden

my heart was happy to see you before me

kodkodo marlo dislo bitor mhojea mhonan

a lightening struck me in my mind

gul kaloi mhaka tujea sobit rupan

I was lost in your beautiful visage

hanslem tum mhaka amor kiss mogan

you smiled at me with loving kiss

sonvsar soggloch sundor kelio ekuch minutan

my world lit up in splendor in just a minute

Mogacho uzo petoilo tuvem mhojea nirmole khallzan

you kindled a flame of love in my innocent heart

thia disan thaun tum ravlem mhojea khalzan mhonan

from that day on you remained in my heart and mind

rupkar tuzo soddanch urlo mhojea dollean

your image remained always in my eyes.


mog zalla tuzo oi moga khaliz kuxen mari uddnam

I am in love with you, yes my love my leaps leaps with joy

kiteacher mhonne lagon naslem.. zallom tuzich chitnam

my mind was on nothing else But just your thoughts

hath zoddun Deva lagin maglem sasnak tum mevonk mhaka

with hand clasped I prayed that you be the one for me forever

jivit mhojem rongoilem tuvem keddinch soddcho nah tuka

you decorated my life and brought some color I will never leave you

xevtim bhett zalle portun amchi khevtana tum doraicher

later we met again while again while playing near the beach

polluen mhaka tuvem hath dovrloi tuzea dolleancher

when you saw you place your hand on your eyes

mogacho ballo toploi dislo eia khallzacher

felt like I was pierced by cupids arrow

mhuje nodor urli tuzer and tuzi mhujer

my gaze remained on you and yours on mine

dukhan devtlaim zaite moga mhujea polleacher

tears of joy rolled down my cheeks

mogache utram sodtalom ulloink jibecher

I was hard pressed to find some express words of love

surya liptalo somindara tia vellar somdicher lharacher

the sun hid as it slowly receded in the ocean waves

zallo mogamcho tia doriacher

I love was born on the sea shore


fatti fudden chitnastan khalliz bettoillem tuka

behind or ahead without a thought I dedicate my heart to you

konnache aikonk nah kellem zai toxen mhaka

I did not listen to anyone, did what I pleased

tum mevtoch moga dislem kainch ek naka

when I met I felt I did not want anything else

khuxal assa jivitan tuzo sangat meuta mhunne mhaka

I am happy in my life that I received your intimacy

mogacho ruk zavun sauli dittolom sodanch tuka

Being a love tree, I will always give you the shade

gopan dorun tuzoch mog kortolo soddan

in my embrace I will always love you

tunch mhoje khosekai sonvsarant visro naka

You are my happiness in this world do not forget



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