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Ghodlo Korar (Our covenant)

Ghodlo Korar

Ghodlo Korar, wedding special and a Covenant with God to live together forever as husband and wife.and heartfelt lyrics Credit : Pio Agnelo Fernandes

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs


solkha cholan eao mhujea jivitan

Slowly walk into my life

mogache ghor bhandu eai ravonk sangattan

Lets build our love dwelling to live together

tum mhojo jive tanela gavunk gopant

you're my life, aches to hold you in my embrace

kedna soddchona sangta tuka juramentan

I will never leave you, I promise with a vow

kedna soddchona sangta tuka juramentan

sassank ek javun ghodlo ho korar

Our Union forever , we fulfilled this Covenant

kopplar tuen sarun zalim ami jurar

going to the chapel we made our vows

soput ditam kedna vecchona nagar

I vow never to betray you

tum mhojem sukh, tunch mhojo sonvsar

You are my happiness, you are my world

ravtolon .. ho dis vho eaunk aicho

I was waiting for this day to dawn

hatat dorun ghot veng marrun kiss gevun mogacho

holding hands and in my arms to give you a kiss of love

noxib mhojem mellunk maka mog tuzo

It was fate to blessed with love form you

ekvotan ravun koruea nami sobit fuddar amcho

together as One lets make our future together

.....tum mhoja, mog dakun tuzo

you are my trust, with your love

kedlai tuffanak fuddonk tujea mogan lastolo, apurbai kortolam

I'll fight any storms, enflamed by your love, care for you

rani korunk mhojea kallzache

to make you the queen of my heart



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