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Emmanuel, God with us

Emmanuel, God with us

Ballok Jezu Zolmollo . Amche passot tho Zolmollo kallzan thanh hanv noman Kortam

Child Jesus is born, for our sake he assumed birth, Come, let us adore Him from our Hearts

Emmanuel, God with us.

credit to Andrew Ferrao singer Aishwarya Afonso


All the haze Of worship, Howsoever grotesques by men around the world in every continent since Men evolved, was finally rewarded. It was not in vain, there was something out there, Pope Benedict in an interview with a journalist, remarked " the dim lights of worship of humankind or the "God gene" like fading stars were pointers to this bright star of Bethlehem", because He manifested in flesh, not epics, mythologies and fairytales of prophets and sages but in human history itself and walked our planet-- and yet we were brutal towards him, had him crucified.

He, the Alpha and the Omega who watched us evolve through billions of years and to find perfection in human form in His Likeness and a soul within, handiwork of the Creator, You don't see our closest evolutionary cousins in nature, Apes and chimpanzees gathered around fireplace on their knees, hands folded, praying. No, they don't have consciousness or souls within. It would have been otherwise a futile, tragic and illogical evolutionary enterprise, if all the energies and the mutations that chiseled away to form us, was to be wasted with our mortality. And with his Death and Resurrection, He proved to us, Death will not hold us in Bondage, it will not lay waste our human form that evolved to perfection through billions of years.

thoughts for this Christmas ( Catholic Church has no official position and leaves it to believers to accept either the literal interpretation or the evolutionary model, with God being the Author)

Emmanuel, God with us!!


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