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Ekvottan (in unison)


Ekvottan ( in unison) a warm love ballad of living together in total consonance and intimacy, that leads to the discovery of each other's soul. Vocalist- Denzil Pereira & Trisca Fernandes credit: DnT The Band Goa

lyrics with English translation, vid will load in few secs.


chondrim poleta lipon tea kupan

moon peeks hiding in the clouds

neketram lojeta poleun amkam gopan

the stars shy away watching us in each others arms

ravchim sandun ami eka mekachea mogan

we will always remain in love with each other

diunchi mogak amchea sodanch ami maan

we'll always treat our love with regard


ekvottan ekvottan

in unison, in unison

sarchim jivit ekvottan

We'll spend our lives as one

ekvottan ekvottan

in unison, in unison

Ravchim ami moipasan Ekvottan

we'll remain in intimacy


dista sorg maka poitoch tujea doleant

I see heaven when I gaze into your eyes

bhogta sukh maka vengen astoch tum mojea

I will comforted when you're in my embrace

raja korun tuka dovortelim kallzant

I will make you my king and keep in my heart

savli mogachi amchea amcher aschi sodanch

the shadow of love will be imbued always



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